Fire Sprinkler Types

The new and advanced way of fighting fires

This is a preview some the fire sprinkler types that Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC offers and installs. Contact us today for more information on designing and installing a fire sprinkler system.

Concealed Pendant Fire Sprinkler
The Concealed Pendant Fire Sprinkler

One of our most popular heads for residential, multi-family and commercial applications. Most like for its limited disruption in the ceiling, once a project is completed. Also there is the option of color matching to ceiling paint color. ( Must be done by manufacture. Painting done by others will disrupt the temperature rating on cover plate and sprinkler head.)

Semi Recessed Pendant Fire Sprinkler
The Semi Recessed Pendant Fire Sprinkler

A very cost effective sprinkler head.  Mostly installed in commercial and industrial applications. Not limited to these applications from time to time will be installed in muti- family and residential project.

Sidewall Fire Sprinkler
The Sidewall Fire Sprinkler

Also a great head. Mostly used to avoid having to install an antifreeze system in a project. Will be found in all types of applications from residential to industrial.

Upright Fire Sprinkler
The Upright Fire Sprinkler

This head is most commonly used in commercial and industrial application or unfinished areas in residential projects

Flush Mount Pendant Fire Sprinkler
Flush Mount Pendant Fire Sprinkler

Another popular head used in residential and multi-family applications. With three different color choice bright white, black and chrome.